Vanshawn Agnew

Vanshawn Agnew is a native of Washington, D.C, and began playing the drums at the age of 2. There are few places within the boundaries of D.C., Virginia or Maryland that he can go without being called upon for his musical abilities; his easy-going adaptability makes him one of the best and most sought out drummers in the DC metropolitan area. Vanshawn or Taz, as he is called by his friends, is a serious musician who has been blessed with a talent not only to play the drums, but is highly respected for his ability to hear all aspects of the music he is playing; this makes him a valuable asset on any sound stage. Mr. Agnew has been given the opportunity to record sessions with; Restine Jackson And Grace, Pastor Darrell L. Owens, Pheda Reynolds , Shonte Hill, Jimmy Russell & Because of Christ, Set Apart, The Late Bishop D. Lee Owens & The D.C. Fellowship Mass Choir And The James Cleveland Gospel Music Workshop Of America, Chris John , Prince George’s Chapter Of The GMWA, . Stage Performances included; Green House Effect , Shaka Barnes, The Late Albertina Walker, Dorthy Norwood, Lady Monique Walker, Twinkie Clark and Karen Clark-Sheard (The Clark Sisters), Tonex, Yolanda Adams, The Late Rev. Timothy Wright, Bishop Guy Robinson and Light Of The World, Billy Hardy and The Gospel Soul Brothers , David Cooper ,Y2k Band And Show, Familar Faces , Stellar Award Nominee  John Tillery and Living Sacrifice , Pam and Dodie, Bella De Kouadio, Tom Newman,Stella Award Winner Min. Isiah D. Thomas, Vanessa A. Williams, Ki Ki Sheard, R&B Cover Band Yamama'nym , Stella Nominee Charles Butler & Trinity , BET’s Sunday Best Season Two Winner & Stella Award Winner Y’anna Crowley  , Lahla Hadiya , Gospel Legend Lady Tramaine Hawkins , Ryan Vinenct Ford & Ministry , Rafeal Ross , William Stevens & Jubilant Nation , VaShawn Mitchell , Mike McCoy & The Voices United , R&B Legend Glenn Jones , Lanston Hughs The Black Nativity Play  and a host of many others. My Current Gigs Are & Jimmy Russell & BOC , The Culture Queen , Divine Destiny , Chantel Bynum & The Bowie State Gospel Choir .


Arturo J. Castro

Arturo J. Castro is the owner of The Sound of Art Publishing Co. and Destiny Entertainment since 1999. He is presently the owner of The Sound of Art Records. He is a singer, songwriter, drummer and musician. Arturo has had the privilege of releasing several musical projects. To name a few: Album “You Can’t Hold Me Back”, Album “Real Love”, Single “Never Give Up”, Album “Amazing God of Love”, Single “Victory” and Single “Sing to the Glory of God”. Arturo is currently working on a new Soul project. When he is not making music, Arturo can be found operating in his other gifts and talents. He is a Public speaker, Youth Mentor and Mental Health counselor. He is currently a Residential youth care Practitioner and Behavioral specialist.


D'Wayne Sumlin

Known for his strong pocket, D’Wayne is one of the most versatile drummers in the DMV area. He is skilled in a variety of music genres. Noticing his natural ability and inclination, his mother supported his artistic aspirations by gifting him with his very own drum set at the age of 12. D’Wayne gained a never-ending appetite toward perfection, he was relentless in his drive to master this newfound passion. With devoting countless hours mastering and perfecting his skills, He soon gained a reputation as a solid drummer with a strong pocket. D'Wayne started his playing career in the church in which he began mastering his gift of playing drums. D'Wayne had the privilege to perform professionally with several bands, local and national artists throughout his 26 years of playing. He also contributed to many studio and live recordings over the years with a few local artists. Despite his artistic achievements, D’Wayne remains very humble.