Musical Resume


Bass Guitar: 16+ years
Keybass: 9 + years
Keyboard (Preferably Auxiliary Keyboard): 8 + years
Drums: 30+years
Percussion: 30 years
Youtub Channel :

J-Lah. Productions, LLC - ( Aug. 2000’ -Present )
Title: Vice President, Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Bass Player President/Ceo(Lahla-Hadiya)

JLC Productions, LLC (2001’-Present)
President/CEO, Composer, Songwriter, Bass Player, Keyboard)

New Bethel Baptist Church (2010' - Present) - Bass / Key Bass 

Brinklow SDA Church November ( 2015- Present ) Fill- in Bass Player

Capital Hill SDA Church September ( 2014-Present ) Bass Player: Capital Hill Chior

National Recording Artist : Glenn Jones (February 2015 - Present )
Session Bass Player/ Touring Bass Player

National Recording Artist : James Lanier ( August. 2014 - Present )
Session Bass Player/ Key Bass

National Recording Artist: Restine Jackson ( February 2013- Present )
Session Bass Player/ Key Bass

National Recording Artist : Tony Caddock ( Saxophonist ) ( Nov. 2014 - Present )
Bass player / Upright Bass / Keybass / Aux keys

National Recording Artist : Jonathan Nelson ( Dec. 2014' - Present' ) Session Bass Player / Key Bass

Jubilant Nation ( July 2011' - Present ) Bass Player / Key-Bass
Composer, Writer

Jimmy Russell & B.O.C ( Because Of Christ )- (June 2010 - To Present) Bass Player/ Key-Bass Player
Composer, Writer

R&B/Neo-Soul Recording Artist ' Lahla-Hadiya ' ( Aug. 2000 ‘- Present )
Musical Director
Bass Player

Composer, Producer, Writer

Stellar Award Artist : Wes Morgan
Fort Washington, Md
Session Bass Player for Wes Morgan for : ‘Wes Morgan Concert’

Bishop Paul S. Morton (July 2010’ -Present)
Fort Washington, Md
Session Bass Player for Bishop Morton for - ' The Out-Pour Concert '

Apostle Rita Twiggs (July 2010 - Present)
Fort Washington, Md
Bass Player for Apostle Rita Twiggs - ' The Out Pour Concert '

Carolina Missionary Baptist Church (2009')
Fort Washington, Md. (Pastor: Rev. Anthony Moore) Praise Team/ Choir
Bass Player

Faith Apostolic Temple (2001-2004)
Gaithersburg, Md. (Bishop: Howard D. Scales Pastor: Rev. Wayne Scales) Praise Team, Choir
Music Director, bass Player, Drummer and Keyboardist

International Denominational Church of God (2002) Gaithersburg, Md. (Pastor: Rev. Phillip W. Davis) Gaithersburg Community Choir
Bass Player

Zion Church (2004-2008)
Largo, Md. (Pastor: Rev. Keith Battle) Praise Team, Choir
Bass Player

Citadel of Restoration Church (2008-2009) Silver Spring, Md. (Pastor: Rev. Kenneth Chism) Praise Team
Music Director/Bass Player

Christian Life Church Ministries (2008) Manassas, Va. (Pastor: Rev. Sutton) Praise Team
Assistant Music Director/ Bass Player

Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church (2008)
Eric Collins and “Higher Calling” Worship Concert
Session Musician (Bass Player for Eric Collins and “Higher Calling”)

La-Productions, LLC (2007-Present)
President/CEO: Lahla-Hadiya
Session Musician (Bass, Keyboard, Production, Vocals)

Jonathan Butler Concert-(2006-Present)
Session Musician (Bass Player for Jonathan Butler) Metropolitan Area- Washington, Maryland, Virginia

Hagerstown Community College (2004-Present) CeCe Winans Concert
Session Musician (Bass Player for CeCe Winans)

Universal Records, Inc. (2003-Present) Lloyd Dobler Effect
Touring Session Musician (Bass Player)

DEG Records, Inc. (2001-Present)
President/CEO: Arturo Castro
Session Musician (Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals)

Carmen Calhoun "Broken And Blessed"
Manager: Terrence Calhoun
Session Musician (Bass Player, Producer, Composer), Member of band "Seven"

Favorite Quote: Never let the devil mess up the day God has prepared for you! JCastro

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