JCastro - Signiture Bass Guitar


Hand Crafted by Andre Odieng. 

"Bring Your Dream Guitar or Bass to Life! Imagine a guitar that's uniquely yours, brought to life with our next to none legendary craftsmanship. Your Odieng-made Guitar your way."

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Jcastrobass23@gmail.com to get connected for your order @Odieng Basses


Press Photos

THE "JC-Series" Odieng Bass

6 String "JC82" - Blue Mystic

5 String "JC82" - Red

6 String "JC82" - Cream

5 String "JC82" - Natural

6 String - "JC82" - Green

5 String "JC82" - Black

6 String "JC82" Purple Mystic

Download JCastro New Single "Just-Us"

Sample Video